76 x 35mm Framing System

The 76 x 35mm framing system is designed to provide a crisp, narrow Commercial appearance with unbroken lines and face- matched mullion, transom and frame profiles. The centre glazed configuration can also incorporate adaptors to accommodate hinged doors and operable windows.

Its slimline frame depth and ability to accommodate a captive glazing wedge makes it an economical option for shop front applications of modest dimensions or alternatively for use in internal partitioning applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Suits light-commercial, internal fit-out or architectural applications
  • Supports single glazing
  • Economical, light weight design
  • Captive glazing wedge options for easier on-site glazing
  • Sub-sill option
  • Compatible door and window suites available

Photo Gallery

LE aluminium
LE aluminium
LE aluminium