Capral 582 Awning & Casement Window

Aluminium Awning & Casement Window - 582

The 582 awning & casement window has been designed to provide a clean and streamlined appearance with its modern bevelled sash profiles and glazing beads. The 582 features a continuous hook hinging system and the options of either a chain winder or sash catches for ease of operation. Full perimeter sash seals are designed to improve weather tightness and along with the option of double glazing, can provide increased thermal comfort and performance.

Being part of the Capral 500 series residential range, it can be integrated with a complementary selection of sliding, casement and double hung windows to provide a total window solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Neat, clean appearance
  • Single and double glazing options
  • Lockable hardware options
  • Positive sealing for improved weather performance Integrated insect and security screening options

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LE aluminium
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